The Importance of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® in Your Pre-divorce Advisory Team

Divorcing couples have many questions which their attorney, CPA, and financial planner are unequipped to answer.

Examples may include:

1) How do we value and divide property? How do you calculate capital gains from selling the marital home? This is an important evaluation to undertake before approaching an attorney or CPA, who have the responsibilities of facilitating the division of assets, not evaluating the value of assets.

2) How do we divide retirement funds and pensions? What are the tax implications and how are the funds going to be used? How do you ensure equitable distribution in light of potential tax implications? What if there is dividing stock?

3) What happens if a paying ex-spouse dies? How do you think in advance about changes in life insurance or wills? Inheritance to children?

Lawyers provide guidance on executing a divorce in accordance with state laws, they are not equipped to provide guidance on financial planning. Likewise, accountants typically focus on the present-day scenario and financial planning practitioners help to map out future goals.

Craig Robson, CFP®, CIMA®, CDFA®, Founding Principal and Managing Director of Regent Peak Wealth Advisors has undergone specific training and earned his Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® designation to assist in decoupling assets and specifically with regard to asset division, spousal maintenance and child support.

Please reach out to our team if you would like the opportunity to discuss your questions or concerns relating to these difficult questions.